Insert the Norton activation code. Log in to your Norton account to download, install and activate Norton via - Download, Install, Activate Norton Security

To protect the device in the digital world, you require the installation of Norton antivirus security. Norton protects the essential device and data from being prey to online viruses. The procedure of downloading, installing, and activating the Norton antivirus program is very simple. We have explained the complete process below. You can pursue the instructions and go to the official Norton website:

What is Norton Activation Keycode?

Once you purchase the Norton item to protect their device, they receive the key code, including the 25-digits characters. The key code is utilized for activating the subscription. It is an alphanumeric code. Unless you have the right activation code, you are unable to activate the Norton key.

Simple Steps to Sign up for the Norton User Account

If you are a new user of Norton, you can face some troubles,so we have a detailed process step by step. Now, we will start the method of making a Norton user account. Exactly pursue these steps as explained below:

1.      First, ensure that the system is linked to a stable and strong internet connection.

2.      After that, launch any updated browser on your device.

3.      Once it is invoked, input ‘’ in the address bar and hit the Enter button.

4.      Now, you will get a login page and then hit the Sign-up option.

5.      You should fulfil the needed credentials correctly.

6.      You should review the license agreement that shows over the screen.

7.      Then click on the ‘Agree’ button.

8.      Later, input the user ID and right password in the provided columns.

9.      Now, click on the ‘Sign in’ button, and your Norton user account is ready to go.

Simple Steps to Access the Norton User Account

Once you create the Norton user account, you can simply access it.We have provided the complete process below. Pursue the steps mentioned below:

1.      First of all, launch your favorite internet web browser on your system.

2.      After that, visit the official homepage of Norton by inputting this link in the URL bar:

3.      Once you get the Login page, click on the ‘Sign in’ button.

4.      You should input the correct password and username for the exact account.

5.      Finally, hit the ‘Sign in’ button, and you have entered the Norton account.

Simple Steps to Access the Norton Activation Key through Norton Account

To access the Norton activation key through the Norton account, pursue these on-screen directions given below:

1.      First of all, log in to the Norton user account on your device.

2.      Before login into the account, you are required to input the details at

3.      Once you log in successfully, select the Devices tab.

4.      Later, find the device for which you are willing to get the activation code.

5.      Now, write down the activation code.

Simple Steps to Download and Install the Norton Setup

To download and install the Norton setup, pursue these on-screen directions are given below:

1.      First and foremost, go to the Norton setup screen on your device.

2.      Thereafter, insert the valid activation code in the given column.

3.      You should log in to the account.

4.      In case you are an existing Norton user, you can get enrolled in the service of auto-renewal of Norton.

5.      You should select the ‘Get Started’ option over the page.

6.      Then review the user agreement and hit the ‘Accept’ option.

7.      Later, pursue the steps that you view over the window.

8.      You have to hit the "Agree & Download" button.

9.      In case you intend to download the product of Norton on different devices, you are required to select the "Send a download link" option.

10.  Finally, pursue the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Simple Steps to Activate the Norton Account

Once you download and install the Norton setup, the final procedure is the activation. After activating the Norton account on the device,it turns secure from every online risk. Here is the complete process of activation of the Norton product mentioned below:

1.      First, go to the ‘My Norton’ option and click on it.

2.      To activate the account, hit the ‘Activate Now’ option.

3.      To renew the Norton subscription, select the Help button and choose the ‘Account Information’ option.

4.      You should select the “Product key’ option.

5.      Later, input the activation key code in the given columns.

6.      Now, hit the Next button and pursue the directions over the page to finalize the procedure.


Q. Where can I locate my Norton activation key?

Navigate to the Norton user account. Thereafter, reach the My

Subscription option, and now you will get the Norton activation code.

Q. How do I prevent Norton from deducting money?

Firstly, log in to the Norton user account and reach the ‘My

Subscription’ option. Then cancel the feature of auto-renewal.